Music Monday with Love X Stereo

This will be the first of many groups or artists that I feature that are strictly on my Yeobo’s favorites list.  Not that I am saying I don’t like the groups or artist, I am just saying that they haven’t made it on my list as of right this moment or I am just being introduced to them.  Since he is Korean and I am not, I have deemed him an expert 🙂  SSsh, just don’t tell him that.

The group that is slowly growing on me and holds the # 1 spot on my Yeobo’s list is Love X Stereo, an electronic rock band based in Seoul, Korea. Their music is authentic electronic music inspired by the alternative and punk rock genre of the 90s. 

Love X Stereo

Love X Stereo are Annie Ko (vocals,Synth), Toby Hwang (Guitar, Producing), third guy unknown (to me).  Most of the info that I am reading on the group describes them as a duo but much of the photos I see are showing 3 people. Yeobo and I are confused so if anyone has more info please let me know 🙂

Love X Stereo Logo

The BF has recently received a copy of the Love X Stereo’s  last EP, GLOW, and has played nonstop.  Poor dude lost the CD a few months back and it’s been hard finding a copy statewide so I searched far and wide (on the internet) and finally found a copy so now he has one early Christmas gift.

As my fondness grows for this group, I have two songs that I really do like but it seems I can only find one 😦

So here is more for you to enjoy 🙂

Love X Stereo official website





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