Asian Christmas~Day 1

I am excited for my first “25 Days of Asian Christmas”.  You may be asking yourselves, what is this?  Well, I am going to tell you. It is where I share with you my attempt of finding 25 Asian movies or dramas that have a Christmas theme. I will also reveal 25 Christmas songs that are a part of my Asian Christmas Playlist.  For the most part, the songs are the easiest to find BUT the christmas themed movies and dramas are not but believe my attempt is real 🙂  YAY!!!!! Let’s pop it off 🙂

I am excited to share one of my favorite Christmas songs and the only version that I love, Ailee’sMy Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas Wish)

My first movie of this Christmas season is Christmas on July 24 Avenue {7 gatsu 24 ka dori no Kurisumasu }

Christmas on July 24 Avenue

This was a 2006 Japanese release starring Miki Nakatani & Takao Osawa.  It was an okay movie. It was the usual nerdy & awkward girl who loves the unattainable guy for most of her life and in the end he figures out he loves her during the time line of a few weeks before Christmas.

The romance is centered around Sayuri Honda’s (Miki Nakatani) favorite book which is set in Lisbon but reminds her of the place she lives and resembles the spot, July 24 Avenue,where she first meets her “crush”, Satoshi Okuda (Takao Osawa).  It seems a few characters from the book appears when she is in her imaginative state and cheers her on while she tries to muster up the courage to confess her feelings to Satoshi Okuda.

You will enjoy the movie if you DON’T put too much thought into it because sometimes the flow of the movie seemed to be off-balance and confusing. Where it tends to be quirky on a manga level, you have to focus on knowing when Sayuri is in her imaginative state of mind.

Also I feel if it wasn’t for the supporting cast, this movie would have been major disappointment. I love Miki Nakatani but I don’t love Takao Osawa with her.  He brought no passion to his character. Just deadpan. I was wondering throughout the entire movie what the hell Sayuri was thinking and what did she see in this boy/man? I usually love the “Cinderella” story but only love when the “prince” can give me life. This was not it but even with my personal feeling about the male lead, this was a nice love story wrapped in a bow with the warning sign,  “Don’t give it too much thought”!


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