Music Monday w/ Kiha & the Faces

I decided to listen to some new indie groups this week to add to my always growing list and landed on this retro & quirky indie rock group, Kiha and The Faces.

Chang Khia & The Faces

Chang Kiha & The Faces is a South Korean indie rock band that rose to  fame after the release of their first independent album, Living Without Incident, in 2008. The members include Chang Kiha (vocals, guitar), Lee Min ki (guitar), Yohei Hasegawa (guitar), Kim Hyun Ho (drums), Jeong Jung Yeop (bass), and Lee Jong Min (keyboard). The group’s “retro sound” has garnered them many award nominations since their début single, Cheap Coffee

What really drew me into wanting to see and hear more from this group is the MV’s (Music Videos).  The groups quirkiness and uniqueness is what draws and keeps me invested in the song up to the moment of searching out English lyrics.  I am quite obsessed with the first song and video that introduced me to Kiha and The Faces. My obsession could be due to the fact that this song resembles my yeobo’s part of our ” we are now in a relationship” talk  😛

I am like a cat with a toy while watching “ Some Kind of Relationship In Between” and even more mesmerized by this next video ” Mine“. You can’t tell me you don’t want to dance while watching them.

I think every last one of us can relate to this last MV I am going to share with you.  ” I Watch Tv”.  You GOTTA read the lyrics while watching the video. You may see some resemblances to yourselves in this video. My yeobo and I laughed so hard during this video because that is how I am when marathon a Kdrama.

For more info on Kiha and The Faces @ reverbnation

Purchase CD @Gmarket


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