Friday’s EolJjang 11/21/2014

Every time this guy appears in something new, I gain more love for him and find my collection of pictures of him growing.  He is just the cutest. He is the only actor that I have seen so far who can transform between teenage boy to grown man effortlessly and most importantly, make it believable.

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include him in my best list especially since he is starring in one of the dramas that I have anticipated. I am talking none other than…. Seo In Guk.

Seo In Guk

I am so glad to see Seo In Guk get the recognition that he greatly deserves. I think he is a great actor and will be one of the icons to watch in the near future. His comedic and dramatic timing is flawless and awesome to watch.  If you haven’t seen King of High School Savvy, I would recommend watching and if not the entire drama, I would definitely recommend the scene where he reacts to the loss of someone special.  On my emotional scale, he can make me bawl as I only thought Choi Jin Hyuk could and that is saying a lot.

Seo In Guk

Oh, Did I mention that he is just the cutest? I think there are a lot of men that can take good photos but there aren’t many that the camera loves and in my opinion , the camera LOVES Seo In Guk.  It usually takes me awhile to find photos of the picks that I actually like but with Seo In guk,  it took me a while to choose because I love ALL his photos. I just closed my eyes and pointed to the 4 photos that you see in this post.

Seo In Guk Collage

If you want to get your weekly fill of Seo In Guk, check him out on Wednesdays and Thursdays on The King’s Face or his last project, King of High School Savvy. 

Almost forgot to mention that he has an awesome singing voice and has a couple of CD’s floating out there somewhere and few videos streaming on YouTube.   As a bonus, I will share with you my favorite Seo In Guk song which happens to be one of my favorite songs ever. Enjoy!!


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