Music Monday w/ Jambinai

Jambinai! If I had to describe this group in one word, that word would be extraordinary.


Jambinai is a Korean indie metal band that blends the sounds of Korean traditional instruments such at the haegeum, the piri and the geomungo with electric guitars and electronics to create a whirlwind of hypnotic post rock melodies.

My introduction to Jambinai was really by accident. I was able to attend the SXSW music festival in Austin this year which happens  to have been the second year that many Korean acts were included.  Due to my excitement of seeing Nell perform, I misread the times and was present for Jambinai’s set.  I decided to stay and what a fan I did become.

Let me share the first Jambinai song that I heard: Connection  🙂

Jambinai’s members are Lee ll Woo (guitars, pri), Shin Eunyong (geomungo, glockenspiel, vocals), Kim Bomi (haegeum, vocals), and studio musicians are Ian Gallagher (bass) and Ryu Myung Hoon (drums).

I warn you that if you aren’t into the rock or metal genre, this group’s music will be hard for you to get into but if you are into appreciating different styles of music, you will totally love them




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