Urban Myth or Not on Snooper Sunday

When I first heard this news I couldn’t believe it and I was devastated for the guy who took his time & used all his money to arrange a very expensive marriage proposal to his “girlfriend” just to be rejected. Ohhhhh poor baby 😦

As I have searched for names of the asked & the rejected, there just isn’t that much information on the Chinese guy that brought 99 Iphone 6’s, arranged ALL 99 boxes in a heart shape, had flowers, a crowd , and the girl and received a solid NO!

China's Single Day Marriage Proposal Fail

Most of the articles state the same information but none are verified so there is no clarification of those actually being Iphone 6’s inside the boxes or just the empty boxes themselves. Some reports say this happened on China’s Single Day, some state it happened a few days before. Some question if the girl actually rejected the proposal.

Well, if this story is indeed true, I feel sorry for the poor guy but more so, I want to know what he is going to do with those 99 Iphone 6’s  and how can I get one?

My advice for those who are thinking about popping the question.  Test the waters first. Start giving pop quizzes,  do some trivia,  complete a survey.. SOMETHING! Get a feel for where your significant other is headed.  Is marriage an option? Is marrying YOU an option?  Just don’t head out there all willy nilly OR you may just end up where this “person” landed. IN THE REJECT PILE.

Single’s Day Proposal Fail via TechInAsia


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