Friday’s EolJjang 11/14/2014

I am the first to admit that I NEVER realize when idols are acting in a drama. Not a huge KPOP fan so that means I base their acting on an “actor’s scale” which brings me to my choice for this week’s Eoljjang.

Imagine my surprise (pun intended) when I found out that my choice is an idol. NEVER would have guessed it but not surprised (pun intended again). He is fairly new to the acting arena and I think he is doing a very good job.

I am talking about …… Lee Tae Hwan of the group 5urprise (Surprise).

Lee Tae Hwan of 5urpriseHis acting credits aren’t long but impressive. He recently starred in King of High School Savvy with Seo In Guk and now can be seen in Pride and Prejudice with Choi Jin Hyuk.   I think he can have a great acting career if he keeps at the pace he is going and continues delivering some good quality work to add to his résumé.

Lee Tae Hwan of 5urpriseNow on the singing front, I am not sure.  The majority of the KPOP boy bands sound identical to me  so I can’t judge if 5urprise will be a breakout group or not.  They are set to release their début CD at any moment so only time will tell how far their star is going to shine musically but if that doesn’t work out, Lee Tae Hwan should definitely pursue acting full-time.

Lee Tae Hwan in Pride and Prejudice


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