Watch It Wednesday: The Divine Move

The Divine Move Movie Poster

I don’t know about you all but as for me, I don’t think it can get any better than having Jung Woo Sung, Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Beom Su in a movie together.  I went in for the eye candy but stayed for the dark, hard-hitting action.

The Divine Move (God’s One Move 신의 한 수 ) is a revenge plot about a professional Baduk player Tae Suk (Jung Woo Sung) who’s framed for his brother’s death by Salsoo (Lee Beom Su) and his gang of cohorts. After serving 7 years, he seeks out his brother’s former team of baduk players, Tricks( Kim In Kwon), Joonin (Ahn Sung Ki) & Carpenter Heo (Ahn Kil Kang), to penetrate into Salsoo’s camp ( SunSoo (Choi Jin Hyuk), Baekkob (Lee Si Young),  Andari (Jung Hae Kyun) ) to avenge his brother’s death.

An interesting fact about this movie is that Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Si Young are portraying criminals for the first time in their career and I am very impressed with their portrayal but I will admit to being disappointed by Lee Si Young’s character, Baekkob. I was expecting a bad to the bone type character and all I got was a criminal that was likeable. No difference than any character she has portrayed.

Overall, I loved everything about this movie.  It was dark, intense, action packed and not a run of the mill love story.  So if you are looking for some romance, there is only a fleeting moment so you will be disappointed because the focus of the love is about Tae Suk’s brother. The violence and gore meter in this movie is quite high so if you are timid about your intake of violence and blood, then you may want to skip this movie.

At first, I thought it would have been boring because it is centered around a game that I know NOTHING about and only heard of in certain dramas but the incorporation of Baduk was intense and nerve wrecking. Each instance that the game was presented, it was captured and lighted according to what it meant for that scene. For example, if the scene called for a casual day where there is a crowd just gathered for the day to play Baduk, the scene filled with activity and sun as to offset the day as casual and relaxing day. Now you knew when the game was a life or death situation because it became dark, focused, and gritty.  My ending note for you is LEE BEOM SU did bring the pain 😛

So get out your popcorn, carve out 1 hour and 58 minutes in your day, and get ready for non stop action from beginning to end because I rate this movie.


The Divine Move

Director: Jo Bum Gu

Writer: Yoo Sung Hyub

Producer: Park Mae Hee & Yoo Jung Hoon

Released July 3, 2014

Genre: Action/Crime



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