Music Monday w/ St. Lenox

I believe this just might be my favorite weekly post. Music Monday is where I get to share my love of indie music.  REAL indie music and not what we consider indie music in America. Independent music is “suppose” to mean music produced independently from major commercial recording labels not lumping all music that doesn’t fit in the normal genres of Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, and HipHop. Personally when I think indie music, I think of local artists that grow their fans by performing in coffee shops, bars, & live music events. I don’t consider myself an expert in indie music but I am an avid junkie of attending many indie showcases.

St. Lenox: Andrew Choi

St. Lenox is on the fast track of becoming my favorite indie band/solo artist.   He/They may not know moi but I know them. (Wait.. hold on.. that sounded a bit stalkerish. )  Well considering that I discovered them in August 2013 and have been to several showcases, I may be a bit taken:) This is one reason I love living in New York. I get to experience some wonderful music.  Oh yeah, they are Brooklyn based. YAY…… me!

St. Lenox consist of Andy Choi (vocalist), Jorge Vega (drummer) and Chris Hills (keyboardist & guitarist).  Their music is described as folktronica, a mixture of R & B, Jazz, and indie-pop.  The focus of St. Lenox belongs to Andy Choi, a Korean-American ,(I knew ya’ll were wondering how this group made it on to an Asian focused blog. LOL!) whose life outside of music is just as interesting as the music itself.  Choi is a Julliard(The Julliard School,the performing arts conservatory) trained violinist, a Doctor of Philosophy and a soon to be Board certified Lawyer. Now on top of that a vocalist & writer who writes in meaningful poetic verse about life bring meaning to the masses.

So I guess at this point it is time for me to share  😛

Live acoustic

My favorite

On my constant replay

For more on St. Lenox

St. Lenox @facebook

St. Lenox via sonicbids

St. Lenox @twitter

St. Lenox @YouTube

New CD: 10 Songs about Memory & Hope  PURCHASE HERE


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