Snooper Sunday Finds Human Anime

Welcome to my new weekly segment which I lovingly call “Snooper Sunday” named after the word that my Yeobo seems to call what I do on the internet. Apparently, I Snoop. Whatever that is  :>?

Snooper Sunday will feature WHATEVER I find interesting from the Asian world throughout the week.  This week I found 2 guys from China that are master cosplayers of anime characters that are so realistically that it is almost breathtaking.  They are KumaQi & xilou76

Kumaqi & Xilou76

Kumaqi (black hair) & Xilou76 (white hair)

I don’t watch anime or read mangas so I don’t know anything about the characters they portray.  All I know is that I think they look  incredibly awesome. Almost to the point that I think I might have a slight crush on the KumaQi  guy, at least I think that is a guy. I  have a slight thing for androgynous guys but KumaQi is extremely pretty and flawless that I am really confused.  I am having an internal struggle

Kumaqi's Action

Kumaqi ( Now you know my struggle is real 🙂 )

Sword wielding Kumaqi

Struggling hard!!!!

That takes nothing away from Xilou76 because he is just as breathtaking and awesome.  I could be speaking because I have an affinity for unique looking men with what others may consider as quirky behavior. Seriously, normal people don’t look like anime characters and I find that truly normal. I am no longer in denial for my strange quirks  😛



If you’re interested in reading more about them, check out the link to the article I “snooped” and/or various social media links

KumaQi & xilou76 via Rocketnews24


KumaQi @facebook

KumaQi @websta

xilou76 @facebook

KumaQi & xilou76

KumaQi & xilou76 together


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