Friday’s EolJjang 11/7/2014

They say every girl or boy has loved a bad boy at least once in their life.  That  truth applies to me in and out of my drama life.  This week’s choice is bad to the bone and is my ultimate go to for my sociopathic  guilty pleasure. I think he was born to play manipulative and borderline psychotic characters. He does them so so good.

My choice for this week’s EolJjang goes to…..{horror music in background}.. Shin Sung Rok.

Shin Sung Rok Head Shot

I don’t think I have ever seen Shin Sung Rok play an upstanding character. Every time I see him in a drama or movie, he is playing the evil and manipulative person and I LOVE IT.  He got on my last good nerve in You Who Came From The Stars but I couldn’t deny that I HAD to see what he had in store for his next evil plot.

Shin Sung Rok Collage

He is at it once again in Liar Game. Every Monday & Tuesday, he is can be seen with that sexy, no good smirk  along with the side eye glance as his evil genius plan slowly comes to fruition. Yes!!! He is definitely my guilty pleasure.

Shin Sung Rok as Kang Do Young in Liar Game



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