Friday’s EolJjang 10/31/14

It’s been awhile since I had to make a choice of a weekly eoljjang and this week was especially hard because I have crammed to catch up on some of the new dramas that have started to air recently. THIS WASN’T AN EASY CHOICE but it has made the next few weeks easier because all the guys I have in mind deserve to grace the pages of my blog.

The most anticipated K-drama on my list to watch has the entire main cast on my list of possible EolJangs so I don’t feel hesitant on picking one especially since he happens to be one of my biases and clearly graces MY EYE CANDY collage.

This week’s EolJjang goes to…..{bongo bang please}….. Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin

That smile!!!

I only discovered him early this year while watching My Love From Another Star. This is where I quickly became enamored by his looks. Sorry, I didn’t pay to attention to his acting because I couldn’t get past his looks. LOL!!

Park Hae Jin

I could stare at him ALL day.

I did make up for it while I watched in extreme horror the K-drama, Doctor Stranger. I had to find reasons to continue watching this train wreck so I paid attention to how well he pulled off an inconsistent character and he impressed me

Park Hae Jin

Hawt and Photogenic goes hand in hand.

That lead me to be excited about the new drama, Bad Guys, that he happens to be starring as a psychopathic serial killer who happens to be a genius. I blame Lee Joon for my attraction to serial killing hotties in K-dramas. I may need some help in the near future so keep an eye on me, readers  🙂

Park Hae Jin

Suits fit him well

Pssst!! A little secret. I stalk all magazines when I hear that Park Hae Jin has done a pictorial.  It’s his fault that he is so damn pretty.


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