Slowly Making My Way Back:)

Sometimes Real Life gets a bit in the way of internet life.  I am so behind on my earlier dramas and then the dramas that I have waited for since first hearing about them are airing in droves. What is a girl to do????

Also I lost my enthusiasm for kdramas for a bit after watching  many of the shows that I was excited about fail miserable in my eyes ie: Temptation, Doctor Stranger, My Secret Hotel and a few others. I needed to take a break so I wouldn’t totally fall out of love.  Now seeing that some of my favorite actors and actresses are appearing again, I decided to come back to the fold.

Thanks to all those that have subscribe for being patient. I am going to revamp a bit and come up with a load I can handle.

Which brings me to asking if any of you or any one you know would like to be a contributor to writing some articles about any and everything about Asian films & culture or writing a review or recap about the shows you excited about it.  Doesn’t matter your skill set. You can be a novice or expert blogger, doesn’t matter. Just have to have a love for Asian dramas, music, food, or culture.

If interested, send me an email and we can discuss.


Discussion The Madness

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