{Review & Thoughts} Hi! School Love on Ep. 7

May Contain Spoilers

High School Love On Episode 7: Kim Sae Ron

My intention was to group episode 7 & 8 together but eight was an emotional episode so I decided to do a separate post especially since I absolutely loved the relationship between Ms. Gong and Woo Hyun.  Any Hoo’s on to my least favorite episode.  I am not a big fan of high school dramas but I love almost everything about this one with the exception of the bullying scenes and this drama tends to have a few more  scenes  every episode and it becomes a bit nerve wrecking for someone like me who doesn’t have any patience for unruly and entitled teenagers.  I am going to apologize now because I am going to be all in my feels in this post. LOL

Seul Bi, our darling angel, is all smiles and ready for a bright new day and very unaware that the teenage vultures are circling. { I seriously want to hit all of them in the eye  😡  This episode Seul Bi will deal with accusations and the consequences of speaking up for herself. She will experience betrayal & triumph and she will understand Woo Hyun a bit more when it comes to how he feels about her.

High School Love On Episode 7

As usual, Ye Na is the trouble maker who sets up the plot to make Seul Bi seem as the thief of stolen cellphones with money.  I seriously can’t understand how these actions are suppose to make your chosen guy fall madly in love with you. If all jilted women are like this in S. Korea, I might as well be ready for a jail cell when I visit in another year with my Yeobo.  The resident bully Choi Jae Suk joins in the setup by getting his usual victim involved. I need all the guys in this school to group together and take down this little tyrant.

High School Love On Episode: Kim Sae Ron & Nam Woo Hyun

It’s been awhile since I wanted to slap sense into Woo Hyun and I was almost there again until I realized that he wanted to get to the truth of the stolen cellphones. It’s not that he didn’t trust Seul Bi. It’s that he couldn’t understand why she doesn’t tell him the little things such as meeting Ye Na and I would suspect that he is a little angry with her for her continued naïve trusting in people who continuously hurt her.  I am about there with him. I understand that she continues to see the good in people but I wish she would use her earthly knowledge to stay away for Thing one and Thing two (Ye na and Young Eun)

High School Love On Episode 7: Lee Sung Yeol, Kim Min Young, Na Hae Ryung

I wish I was lucky enough to have two of the hottest guys in school have my back when ever I found myself in trouble.  Seul Bi is one lucky girl. Sung Yeol takes up the light weight of protecting Seul Bi by going off on those who pick on her while Woo Hyun takes the heavy weight by getting physical. I wish he would physically remove Ye Na from the situation. 13 more episodes of this character and I might just commit myself.

High School Love On Episode 7: Jung Jae Soon

Getting away from the bullying, I want to talk about Ms. Gong. I feel as if she is my grandma so I get a bit emotional when her scenes come around because we know what is coming and she does too. This episode she’s  starting to get things in order because of the progression of her disease. She has a few more things to take care of and that is why she went against doctor’s order to say in the hospital.  Among one of those things is getting in touch with Woo Hyun’s bio mom.  Ms. Gong doesn’t go into deep detail about her situation but she humbly asks Bio Mom if Woo Hyun can live with her and ONCE AGAIN, Bio Mom rejects her biological son.  This heifer seriously needs to be up for the worst human being alive award.  You let him go once and now you don’t want to take responsibility for him much less wants him in the same vicinity as her.  

High School Love On Episode7

It looks like Ms. Gong isn’t the only one planning on leaving. Seul Bi has done some reflecting on her life according to Woo Hyun & Sung Yeol.  She believes that their life would be better without her on earth so she has decided to make the pact to return to the heavens . So question is ” Is Seul Bi really leaving?”




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