Friday’s EolJjang 9/26/2014

Apparently, I  don’t know how to set the “publish a future post” setting    :/

This week’s pick is an actor and singer who not too long ago finished up his military duty and now is starring in a current K~drama.   While JT (Justin Timberlake) brought sexy back, he made 30 sexy.

I am talking none other than Jung Ji-Hoon better known as Rain as Friday’s EolJjang for this week.

Korean Actor & Singer Rain

Korean Actor & Singer Rain with Superman Returns little star, Sarang

I don’t really know much about Rain’s acting career but I do KNOW about his music and dancing skills.  I am still jamming 30sexy and probably always will.  Don’t throw shade.. LOL!!  I recently stumbled upon what is now my feel good series, Superman Returns AND guess what episode I just finished…. YAS, the one where Rain appeared.  Seeing him all giddy and awestruck with little Sarang made my heart beat with delight. It does something to me when I see a man completely spellbound by a tiny human.

Korean Actor & Singer Rain

If you need your fill of Rain, check out his current K~drama, My Lovely Girl on SBS airing on Wednesdays & Thursdays until Nov. 6,2014.

Korean Actor & Singer Rain for Harper Bazaar New York





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