{Thoughts} Hi! School Love On: Episdoe 6

May Contain Spoilers

Mad Clown ft. Yozoh : Chocolate Cherry Night 쇼콜라 체리밤  {Hi! School Love On OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

HI! School Love on Episode 6: Kim Sae Ron & Nam Woo Hyun

In this episode, we deal with sickness and bullying but that is totally overshadowed by the overload of cuteness, giddiness, and the makings of first love.   Episode 6 takes off from Woo Hyun’s sudden confession and starts with Seul Bi’s confused reaction that involves a spike in body temperature and a rapid heartbeat.

Hi! School Love On Episode 6: Lee Sung Yeol, Na Hae Ryung, Kim Min Young

And with budding love, we have broken dreams as Ye Na & Sung Yeol realize that they may not have a chance in “heaven” with the object of their desires. Something tells me that Sung Yeol will wait in the background and resign him self to the friendship zone while Ye Na will do what mean girls do, result in trickery and tomfoolery to TRY to get who she wants.  I wish this girl would have several stadium seats and get her life because she is on my last everlasting nerves. In the words of Wayne Brady. Do I have to choke a Bytch?

Hi! School Love On Episode 6: Jung Jae Soon

We have a sad foreshadowing with our beloved Ajumma Gong.  In this episode, she sneaks away to the hospital to get some test done to find out the prognosis of her sickness.  It doesn’t look good . It takes every bit of her strength not to breakdown when her grandson calls to check on her while he is on his “date” with our resident human angel.

Hi! School Love On Episode 6: Kim Sae Ron & Nam Woo Hyun

I am very jealous because I WANT this date.  I am not sure if Seul Bi realizes it’s an actual date but she seems to be enjoying very well. I think the smiles and blushes are indications. Just look at the top photo at the beginning of the post.  If this isn’t puppy love, then I need to know the new definition. Woo Hyun has come a long way from the self absorb & mean teenage boy. Now he is planning picnics by the beach, bike rides and watching fireworks. The best part of the date for me was when Woo Hyun googled “How to get close to a girl”. He decided to watch a horror movie in the dark on his smart phone while snacking on one popcorn and one soda.  Major fail on his part because he was scared and fainted during the movie. LOL!

Hi! School Love on Episode 6: Kim Sae Ron

Even though this episode was mostly rainbows & glitter, there was a few scenes that pissed me off.  I had a screen cap of death angel sunbae but I deleted because I really pissed off about his misinformation to Seul Bi about her returning to her angel status. I know the bastard likes her but he should just confess his feelings instead of his continued pressure in telling her not to fall for the human.  Yeah, I know it’s her choice and I know for the story to move along, she is eventually going to go back but can’t see go back in..like…. episode 14. Granted we get to episode 14 with all the preempts that have happened with this “ONCE A WEEK” drama.

Hi! School Love On Episode 6: Kim Sae Ron, Nam Woo Hyun, Kim Min Young, Na Hae Ryung

I try to stay away from the majority of the bullying scenes in this drama. I usually do the Hesitant fast forward during these scenes.  Meaning I don’t forward to fast because I still want to glimpse what happen but  it’s fast enough that I don’t have to get in-depth with the scene.  In this episode,Ye Na decides to set up Seul Bi and we will see the fall out in episode 7 & 8.  I haven’t felt strong hatred for a jilted girl since Lee Da Hee’s character in Secret. I seriously want to kick her to sleep. {screams}

Hi! School Love On Episode 6: Kim Sae Ron & Nam Woo Hyun

I will digress now because I can probably write an entire post about my hatred for Ye Na. LOL!!  I have to say that I am very impressed on how they are handling the relationship between Woo Hyun & Seul Bi regarding the actor’s real ages.  Most of us should know by now that Kim Sae Ron is around 14-15 years old and Nam Woo Hyun is in his early twenties.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with their ages as long as they handle the romance without  the skin ship. I am comfortable with seeing a hug and or even hand holding but anymore than that, I would be very uncomfortable watching this drama.  I love the way they incorporated hand holding.  That was just the cutest action ever.  Maybe I will suggest that to my yeobo next time we are out walking.


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