Reset {OCN} Familiar Memories: Ep 1 & 2

May Contain Spoilers

Reset (OCN- Korean 2014)

If you haven’t heard about the recent new drama, Reset, that started airing on OCN, starring Chun Jung-Myung (Cinderella’s Sister, Glory Jane) &Kim So-Hyun ( I Miss You, The Suspicious Housekeeper, I Can Hear Your Voice), I really want to know where you have hidden.  HMMM, Maybe it was through my excitement, I felt everyone should feel excitement  🙂

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 1

Chung Jung-Myung plays Prosecutor Cha Woo-Jin, who has an awesome talent of hypnotism.  As you see from the picture above, he uses a special pen for his choice of “clicking” focus.  (I so want that pen and the powers behind it) Kim So-Hyun plays a dual role. She plays 17-year-old Jo Eun Bi who is the splitting image of Woo Jin’s dead girlfriend of 15 years ago, Choi Sueng-Hee

Reset begins with Cha Woo -Jin attending a psychiatry session trying to regain memories surrounding his lost love’s death. I am pretty sure that the events to come will have major connections surrounding the 15-year-old cold case but first we have the case that sets in motion for Woo Jin to connect with the 17-year-old doppelganger, Jo Eun Bi and it’s a very intense first meeting which shocks Woo Jin much Eun Ji looks like Sueng Hee. It seems their personalities are completely different but there is one thing that seems familiar, the flipping of the lighter’s top.

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 1

Personally, I love the character Jo Eun-Bi. She is a tough little cookie who can handle her self on those mean South Korean streets. She doesn’t take anything from anyone so I am very interested in seeing how her back story unfolds and what is her connection to our no-nonsense young prosecutor’s past.

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 1

BUT first he is going to have to get our feisty Eun-Bi out of some scolding hot water that she has gotten herself into and the evidence is damaging toward her case. (there goes that dang pen again) 😛

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 1

We have an interesting supporting cast of characters: The prosecutor’s office staff that seems more like family than coworkers (shown in top grid), a disgruntled cop/prosecutor that is jealous of Woo Jin (not sure what he is but I do know I don’t like him- 3 pic in grid) and the father of a suspect (suspect shown in “pen” pic –  father in last pic in grid).

Episode 1 was pretty much an introduction of principal characters, the main back-story, and the drama’s mystery storyline setup.  Episode 2 gets the intensity started and gives us a long look on what’s to come during the next 8 episodes.

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 2

We literally start with a bang in the beginning of episode 2 where the memories are knocked right into Woo-Jin’s head (he remembers his hidden memories) and a disturbing revelation surrounding the event’s of Sueng-Hee’s death. (It’s starting to get a bit interesting)

Reset (OCN- Korean) Episode 2

X marks the spot victims ( Stupid)

There’s a new game of cat and mouse, which I will lovingly call ” X marks the spot”. There is an unknown villain targeting specific people by calling & directing them to specially marked X’s and upon arrival they come to an untimely death (That makes no sense. I can’t see myself leaving out of my house in the early hours to any destination without rhyme or reason especially if I know there is a hit out on me or if the person actually tells me they are going to kill me when I arrive).  From the looks of it, there are going be more victims unless Woo Jin and team can stop them. Wonders if this has something to do with the current events happening now. I do have my first suspect 🙂

Reset (OCN - Korean) Episode 2

There are new characters introduced this episode but the most important introduction belongs to Sueng Hee’s sister, Choi Yoon-Hee.  It seems they have an unfortunate relationship. I am a bit confused. I am not sure if she liked him before he dated her sister or they were actually in a relationship and he left her for her sister. Don’t know but I do feel she holds some type of resentment and still has some unresolved feeling for Woo Jin. You’ll understand later in this episode. (I have an uneasy feeling about her)

Reset (OCN - Korean) Episode 2

Eun-Bi’s story starts to unfold a bit and lands her right in the midst of Woo-Jin’s life and he doesn’t have a clue of how close and he has to thank his office family for that. I feel that this area of the story will have some comedic undertones and if that’s so, it will have a healthy balance between intensity and comedy.

Reset (OCN - Korean) Episode 2

I really enjoyed both episodes and this drama has so much potential and it’s  great that OCN is airing Reset. OCN has a good track record with dramas with this type of premise with limited episodes.  I will definitely recommend watching this drama because I am all in until the last episode plus Chun Jung Myung is great for my visual pleasure and I just love Kim So Hyun.

Just look at the angst and frustration of Woo Jin on that last picture. Don’t you want to know why that is?  Maybe X marks the spot!!!!!

Reset airs every Sunday on OCN @ 11.00 (Seoul Time)


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