Friday’s EolJjang 9/19/2014

This week’s pick was a no brainer 🙂 He made a very good impression on me while starring in what I consider a train wreck of a drama but that’s my opinion. My pick was the second best thing to come out of that drama right along with a previous week’s EolJjang.

My choice for this week’s EolJjang goes to…..Lee Jung-shin, the bassist for the rock band, CNBLUE and recently starred in the S. Korean Drama, Temptation.

Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE

He did a very impressive job playing Nam Hong Gyu, little brother to Nam Hong Joo, played by Park Ha-Sun. He gets major kudos for making me forget for an entire hour that he is part of one of the most famous Korean rock bands.

Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE,starring in Temptation

I will definitely keep my ears and eyes open until I hear he will be starring in another drama but until then I will keep rocking to the Can’t Stop mini album and stalking YouTube to watch the 2014 CNBLUE Live- Can’t Stop Tour footage.

Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE, Instyle & ARENA Magazine pictorials


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