Temptation: Finale {Episode 19 & 20}

May Contain Spoilers

Seo Young Eun: Tears Rain 눈물비 {Temptation OST}

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

This drama, This drama here!! Sorry, I didn’t review the last 6 episodes. I just couldn’t bring myself to waste 6  hours plus screen cap and edit for a drama that didn’t logically make me believe that the OTP, Se Young & Seok Hoon belonged together.  I don’t go into any drama using a my moral code to decide what I will or won’t accept.  Hell I was all for the cheating OTP from the drama, Secret Love Affair. Those writers logically made me feel that the illogical 20 year age difference and a marriage didn’t matter, THOSE two deserve to be together and I was rooting hard for them.  Ha Ji Joon did not persuade me but actually made me despise the OTP and that is a major disappointment because I loved the drama, Time Between Wolf & Dog.

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

The best part of Temptation was the true full circle of Hong Joo. She started off as a weak and belligerent little foe that got on my nerves until episode 18, which is too long for a character to continue getting  knocked down and steam rolled. In the ending episode, Se Young finally admits to Hong Joo her plan to test and break her marriage. She actually apologized {a little to late in my book} but Hong Joo did not accept and further emphasized that all 3 of them are far too broken for her to accept her words. SY TRIED to return those damn shoes but she slid them right back over to her and graciously told her they look better on her. { I took that as ” You wanted them that bad, keep them and all the good and bad that goes with them}. Hong Joo said her peace to Seok Hoon basically saying ” I don’t want to have anything else to do with you or Se Young, please see to it that Se Young stops playing games in order for me to run into you.  With that in her last words she said to him ” Good Bye”

Temptation Episode 20 : Finale

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

Ji Sun really surprised me. I will never make excuses for her evil antics but it was a delight in seeing her execute them and I will sympathize with any mother that had her children taken away from them for no good reason. I am a bit more understanding of her but the thing that puzzles me is why the writer wanted until episode 18 to finally reveal that Ji Sun actually loved Min Woo.  OOPs off topic, yeah she surprised me by sincerely thanking Hong Joo for how she cared for her children and in a roundabout way suggested she go to Min Woo and tell him to get some act right. LOL!! I honestly felt like Hong Joo and Min Woo were the only ones who felt the consequences for their decisions. {coughs} Which brings me to say Mr.  Lee Jung Jin was the break out star of this drama.

Temptation Episode 20

Most of you already know that Hong Joo realized her wrong doings and humbly approached those she felt that she wronged and gave an apology. Min Woo as the powerful lord he thought of himself , was knocked off his throne he ended up alone in the process.  Ji Sun received what she wanted the most and that were her children. I will never understand the reasoning for Min Woo and his mother keeping those girls from their mother. Hong Gyu  & Se Jin have the cutest type of relationship and looks like mini P.I. has a love interest as well. As for as our OTP, they cry and run off into the sunset together, “WINNING” and not being held accountable for their wrong doings. There is no amount of “justification” from Shippers of this OTP couple to make me see any different and they have been many who tried.

Temptation Episode 20

Saying all that, I don’t think this is the worst drama because I did like certain aspects of it but it will not land on my “favorites” list neither will it land on my “watch again” list and the OTP couple certainly doesn’t deserve to end my review so I will give that to my FAVORITE COUPLE, Hong Gyu & Se-Jin.

Temptation Episode 20

My disappointment of this drama actually feels like I lost 14 hours of my life on something I knew was going to happen before episode 10.  The happy ending that never happened for Jung-Suh & Song Joo from Stairway to Heaven. The best part of the ending is that it makes way for SECRET DOOR, one of the dramas that I have been anxiously waiting for since they were casting parts. YEAH!!!! COME ON SEPT 22:)




2 responses to “Temptation: Finale {Episode 19 & 20}

  1. I don’t really get this story.. it just like the story want to tell us its okay to have an affair and i hate SY because the way she act so innocent after what she did to SH and HJ marriage.. i won’t watch this anymore.. it ruin my memory of jiwon and sangwoo


    • I agree with you. In my opinion, the writer’s concentration was creating a happy ending for the OTP based on fan service for Stairway to Heaven. There were many undeveloped story lines within this drama. If this was truly based on temptation, the OTP couple would have been totally outed to ALL family and friends of the true nature that begun their relationship.


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