Friday’s EolJjang (9/12/14) on 9/15/14

Okay, I am a few days late with my pick but forgive a girl 🙂  I haven’t done a marathon of so many episodes of different dramas in a long time.  It feels like the first month of my K~drama watching life. Which brings me to my choice…

My choice of last week’s EolJjang is someone I am desperate to see in something new. It  can be  either t.v. screen or movie screen.  That is none other than So Ji Sub.

So Ji Sub

OMG! Those Eyes

I miss him and I thank the heaven’s above that I have older dramas and movies that he starred in but it’s nothing like a new drama where I get to see him twice a week for about 2-3 months. If someone has the direct line to him, can you tap him on the shoulder and say “What the hell is the deal?”

So Ji Sub Tatt'ed UP for High Cut


Other than a beautiful smile, There is nothing that gets  more of my attention like a pair of well toned muscular arms and then if you add some tattoos, I am a girl gone.  This particular spread from High Cut magazine or the one below for Marmot Fall/Winter catalog just might be my favorite pictorial EVER but then again I say that about any magazine that features him.

So Ji Sub for Marmot


I am not sure how I feel about Ji Sub’s music career but seeing him in videos is a pleasure for my vision.


3 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang (9/12/14) on 9/15/14

  1. I watched Always a few nights ago with So Ji Sub and am almost done the kdrama “Sorry, I love you”. I’m also ready to watch him in something new, but I am really enjoying going through his older work right now. He’s a great actor. I really like his style and he is gorgeous. I don’t mind his rap, but I really hope to see him in another drama or movie soon. Great post


    • Thanks so much for the comment. On my break from on-air kdramas, I decided to watch the drama “Ghost” starring SJS. Loved it and I do recommend just for him:) His older work just makes you appreciate him more. Hopefully 2015 we can get our wish. Drama or movie, I am okay with either one.

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      • Yea, me too. Right now I’m watching him in the really old drama “We’re dating now”. I’m planning on watching ghost as well.


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