Friday’s EolJjang {9/5/14}

Hey, I’m back from my wonderful 2 week vacation and trying hard to catch up on all my shows that I am behind on  🙂

This week’s EolJjang is someone who is steadily moving up each week  on my “fangirl” scale. Maybe it’s due to the character he is playing or simply that I eye-sex him every time he is on-screen. Who really knows but I do know that he would be my chose to step in to save me from a slap to the face

My choice is none other than: Nam Goong Min, who is starring in My Secret Hotel as Director Jo Sung Gyum.

Nam Goong Min Dinosaurs ARRGGH

This is too cute

This is my first time experiencing this gorgeous man but I do have a few of the dramas that he appears in on my ” to watch” list and they have immediately moved up to  ” watch immediately” list.

Nam Goong Min Collage

Just adorably Gorgeous

It just something about his eyes that capture me and it doesn’t help that he has one of the most sexiest voices ever. I could listen to him for days on end.

Nam Goong Min Abs


{faints} No words can describe how I really feel about this picture 😀

He's been spotted: Nam Goong Min

Not many men can pull this suit off but he seems to be working it

Catch Nam Goong Min along with Yoo In Na & Jin Lee Han every Monday & Tuesday on tvN’s My Secret Hotel.



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