{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 9 & 10~

May Contain Spoilers

Danny Jung: Without You 유혹 {Temptation OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

Temptation Epiosde 9

A marriage breaks apart

I think the titles of Episodes 9 & 10 should be Break-ups, Make-ups, & Somebody’s about to get fucked up!

Divorce is running rampant for our married couples.  One divorce could be considered a new beginning and the other divorce should be considered  as a business deal broken because terms of a new contract could not be  reached.

Temptation Episode 9

The gander can’t do what the goose does.

Hong Joo, Hong Joo, HONG JOO! There are really no words on how I feel about her putting divorce on the table.  Logically , I see it as growth on her part. She is no longer letting others decide what she should or shouldn’t allow in her life.  She had been pushed to her emotional limit and she said “NO DAMN MORE! but emotionally, I felt she made a rash decision that she didn’t think through clearly and when she saw Seok Hoon’s reaction, she knew she made a mistake but couldn’t turn back. Girl ain’t no turning back when a man throws well spent money (rings)like it was yesterday’s trash.

The break-up that had me raging with emotion was Kang Min Woo and Ji Sun. That was cold-blooded and heartless on Kang Min Woo AND his momma’s part.  How is it that Min Woo can have countless affairs and have a child outside of his marriage but when Ji Sun decides to get her a side taste, it’s a OH HELL NAW!!  I understand it was an arranged marriage and Ji Sun lived a privileged life but they didn’t like  when she upped the ante and told them that she has to make sure that her and her girls were well taken care since a male heir was entering into the house. She already knew that they were going to be treated like second class citizen in their own home. The icing on the cake for me was that he gets custody of the children.  As much as I was liking Min Woo, I just can’t now.

Temptation Episode 9

Mommy Loves you

OMG!! My heart broke during that scene with Ji Sun and her daughters. I hope that she gets some major revenge.  I think I may get my wish, we did get to see Ji Sun take a quick jab at Min Woo in episode 10. He didn’t feel it right off the back but it began to sink in deeper and he knows his wife isn’t going down easy. MWHAAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

Temptation Episode 9

I’m sorry

I wanted to touch on Hong Joo and Se Young for a minute. I am wondering if they are going to show them living a parallel life.  Each had a scene in separate episodes with their fathers where they were angry for the decisions their daughters made without either their knowledge nor approval.  Looking back on past episodes, I can see a parallel life and it will be interesting to see more

Temptation Episode 10

Dad can fire you.

As for as Seok Hoon and Se Young, I felt this was just filler episodes for them. Seok Hoon gets divorced, he decides to leave for an undetermined amount of time,  Se Young decides to wait for him and then he returns. He’s rehired at the company with a promotion where he has to go head to head with the cutthroat Kang Min Woo all the while the ill-fated couple continues with longing stares, flirtatious talk, and together moments.

Temptation Episode 9

Kang Min Woo vs Yoo Se Young

It is hard for me to get behind their “relationship” and honestly, I’m uninterested when they are alone together but love it when it’s  set against the backdrop of drama.  So can you imagine my giddiness at the company formal dinner when the ill-fated couple came face to face with Kang Min Woo and his date……. Na Hong Joo.

Temptation Episosde 10

Funny Seeing You Here


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