Friday’s EolJjang

One symptom of being an Asian drama addict and a “fangirl” of certain actors or actresses, is anxiously longing for ANY news of them taking on a new project and thee only thing to  pacify that longing is to watch their older projects.   I am doing this at the moment but it AIN’T pacifying my longing for…

This week’s Eoljjang is the Japanese Actor and singer….. Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura

Ain’t nuffin wrong with being pretty

A few months ago, I watched the Japanese drama, The Hours Of My Life and was amazed by the acting of the male lead thus started my love affair with Haruma Miura.  I have yet to watch everything that he has starred in but I am slowly dwindling that list.

Haruma Miura

I am sucker for smiles 🙂

I haven’t read a Japanese mangas in my life and I don’t purposely set out to watch dramas based off of them, just so happens that way, BUT  I am anxiously awaiting the Japanese live action film, Attack of the Titan, based off the manga of the same title. Miura will be playing the lead and I’m excited for the summer of 2015. 2015 is already getting off to a good start.

Haruma Miura

I could look at him all day

October needs to hurry up, get here and then leave quickly because I just found out he has a new movie, Five Minutes To Tomorrow, that will be released October 23, 2014.  The quicker October ends, the sooner somebody will make me one of the happiest fan by streaming this online. {does happy dance}

Haruma Miura

Love a man in blue or pink

I would suggest watching The Hours of My Life (drama), The Last Cinderella (drama), Bloody Monday & Bloody Monday 2 (drama) & From Me To You (movie).  Eye Candy plus Talent, you can’t go wrong 😛


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