Can’t get enough of BAD GUYS:)

I love when I find gifts that have been in front of me for awhile…………This is going to explain my excitement for OCN’s October release, Bad Guys.

I have heard bits and pieces about this drama since the near end of Doctor Stranger when they announced Park Hae Jin’s  (love him!) confirmation of joining the cast but then I forgot about it.

OCN Bad Guys

Bad Guys’ Park Hae Jin: OCN Premiere on Oct 4, 2014

Then, I decided to make a calendar of all the future shows so I’d be up to date on the when’s and times and make a decision on the shows that are going on my “must see” list.  Bad Guys was a done deal when I saw these names: Kim Sang Joong (Doctor Stranger, New Leaf), Park Hae Jin (Doctor Stranger, My Love From The Stars) & Ma Dong Seok ( Shut Up, Flower Boy Band, The Five). As actors, I love all three of these men and as bad guys, I am going to be in a perpetual state of free fall until episode 11 ends. I know each one will bring their A game because OCN surely brings theirs when it comes to detective dramas.

OCN Bad Guys

Bad Guys’ Kim Sang Joong – OCN Premiere Oct. 4, 2014

I like the premise of this drama. It’s about a team of criminals formed to combat the rise of violent crimes.  Each member of the team has his own level of diabolical deeds  such as Lee Jung Moon, the youngest and highly intelligent serial killer (Park Hae Jin), Park Woong Cheol, the gangster (Ma Dong Seok),  Jung Tae Soo, the contract killer (Jo Dong Hyeok), Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won), the non criminal and only female & last but not least, Detective Oh Goo Tak(Kim Sang Joong), a suspended police officer who prefers using excessive force. I am lead to believe that the term “crazy dog” is not an enduring pet name.

Check out the teasers that are out. Hopefully there will be one for Jo Dong Hyeok’s character soon but for now, get a taste of Park Hae Jin, Ma Dong Seok, & Kim Sang Joong.

HMMMMM, I wonder if I am going to be questioning my love for a serial killer. LOL!!!  I blame Lee Joon for his portrayal of Tae Oh in Gap Dong.

Oh Goo Tak : “In order to carry out a perfect hunt, you need an even tougher hunting dog.” translation via Dramabeans







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