{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 7 & 8~

May Contain Spoiler

Moon Myung Jin: That Place 그 자리 { Temptation OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

Temptation Episode 7

These Damn Shoes Again

Episodes 7 & 8 are dealing with broken emotions, revelations, decisions and outcomes. This is where the drama transitions  and what a transition it is.

Temptation Episode 7

Drunk and Over Love

In this episode we find Hong Joo hitting rock bottom with her emotions and actually questioning her decisions and coming to terms that she just may have had enough and it’s time to start a new chapter of her life.  I think she made this decision since episode 1 when she ran away from the situation but I digress and say, I think little Na Hong Joo is growing up.  I honestly didn’t know where she was going when she reached out to Kang Min Woo but she had some shit to get off her chest  and ended by saying that he was the same as Yoo Se Young.

Hahaha but she and I wasn’t ready for his comeback.  He went on to say, he is different from Se Young in that he doesn’t have to throw money around because who EVER he wants, he’ll make sure they WANT him FIRST. OH BOY, I have to give it to ole Min Woo. That was a player move, player.  Had me sitting up wanting to play the fool one time 😛 {and then I looked over and saw my yeobo giving me the stank eye LOL}

Temptation Episode 8

Say your piece, then get the hell on!

Episode 8 is where Hong Joo finally comes into her own and stops playing victim.  She is working back at the hospital. Doing Dinners with the family. Controlling her own destiny and telling a certain someone{Se Young} exactly what she thinks of her and telling her the games that her and her husband are playing, leave her the hell out of it from now on. GO GIRL!!! Hong Joo is clearly not the same woman I have complained about for 6 episodes. I have taken notice and I like what I see……. so far

Temptation Episode 7

All in their feels

Episode 7 , we find our ill-fated couple on the way to getting a chance to present their proposal to the CEO of the hotel they want to buy. They have to jump through a few hoops for that to happen but that brings Seok Hoon and Se Young much closer.  We finally have confessions from both about how they feel about each other but Seok Hoon as decided to work on his marriage. { seriously, hmmm. you think?}

What we get for most of this episode and of the next, is a lot of longing stares, miserable looks and pity parties . I fast forwarded most of those scenes because I didn’t need to see all that to understand the point. Mostly a filler for these episodes.

Se Young was mostly in questioning mode.  Should she continue even though she may lose in the end? Can’t she have a little fun while it lasts? All those questions that shouldn’t be asked about a married man but we do get a surprised revelation that this is her first love.  {how about that}

Temptation Episode 8


All I really have to say about Seok Hoon is his resignation is null void when it comes to Hong Joo.  While he was buying new rings, setting up the perfect romantic dinner and planning his confession to his wife… Hong Joo had another thing in mind.. Her resignation as his wife.

I fell out on that one.  She said ” I want to resign, I want to resign from being your wife.” all the while putting those papers on the table.  BOOYAH, look where your longing looks have gotten you.   Our Na Hong Joo has made the decision for you.  Now I really can’t wait to see how this drama progresses.

Temptation Episode 8

MY happy note

This is my happy medium during the emotional rollercoasters of this drama. I just love Hong Gyu and Se Jin together.  She has claimed him as her man and he thinks she is just plain crazy.  I love them:)



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