{Thoughts} Hi! School Love On ~Episode 4~

May Contain Spoilers

LeL: What My Heart Wants to Say 내 맘이 그게 아닌데 {High School Love On OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

Hi! School Love On Episode 4

Pretty Please

I don’t think I will ever tire of the overload of cuteness of this drama. It  evokes good feels, continuous smiles, glittery rainbows and unicorns.  Maybe not rainbows and unicorns but that is the gist of how I feel after each episode. I just know I look a bit loaded because of the giant grin that I have plastered on my face 😀

Our resident human angel, Seul Bi, gets more accumulated to human trends and human enjoyments.  She gets a smart phone and gets into the trend in taking selfies and first on her agenda is a couples shot  (yes, I am trying to push this a bit faster. they are just too darn cute)

Hi! School Love On Episode 4

YAY!!!! Couples Shot:)

Seul Bi’s introduced to the wonders of bubblegum bubbles and to the painful jaw hurting of learning how to blow them correctly.

Hi! School Love On Episode 4

OOOOO Teach Me

She also learned the importance of ” It matters what number you are on the speed dial” of your friend’s smart phone.  I wonder who is # 1 on Seul Bi’s phone. I pretty sure Woo Hyun programmed himself as # 1 but could she have changed it to Sung Yeol 😛

Budding Love Triangle

There is a cheating scandal at school and Sung Yeol is in the middle of it but none other than Woo Hyun comes to his defense and that puts him in serious hot water with his classmates.  Will Seul Bi and Sung Yeol get there in time?

Hi! School Love On Episode 4

We are fated!

Even though there are tons of laughable situations, there are a few more serious tones that are coming to light.  Woo Hyun’s mother is becoming overwhelmed with her “son” being so close and it seems that she feels the need to constantly be around him. It looks like she’ll be confronted in the next episode.  Also we got a sneak peek into the school bully’s home life. I actually felt sorry for him. I wanted to do a roundhouse kick to his father’s throat when he had the gall to tell him that he can’t be his son and will be taking a DNA to prove paternity. What the HELL?????

Can’t wait until episode 5 because it seems that our human angel will start being plagued with “human emotions”.  I am so anxious to see how she handles that.


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