Shinema Saturday: Marriage Blue {2013)

May contain spoilers

Marriage Blue

Marriage Blue or The Night Before The Wedding is a 2013 film directed by Hong Ji  Young that follows four couples  who are planning their weddings.

Tae-Kyu (Kim Kang-Woo) is a former professional baseball player and now a coach for a minor league team. His girlfriend Joo-Young (Kim Hyo-Jin) runs a successful urology clinic. They seem happy and are getting married soon. Tae-Kyu then learns that Joo-Young is a divorcee. Tae-Kyu feels betrayed and jealousy.

So-Mi (Lee Yeon-Hee) is a nail artist. Her fiancé is Chef Won-Cheol (TaecYeon). They have been together for 7 years and their wedding date is fast approaching. So-Mi though feels something missing in her life. She wants to feel pure love, but Won-Cheol thinks of their marriage more of as a living arrangement. Several days before their wedding, So-Mi travels to Jeju Island for a nail art competition. There, she meets tour guide and web comic writer (Joo Ji-Hoon).
Gun-Ho (Ma Dong-Seok) runs a flower shop and is about to marry Vika (Guzal Tursunova) who hails from Uzbekistan. Suddenly, Gun-Ho’s  afflicted with impotency. Gun-Ho goes to see urologist Joo-Young. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with him physically and his impotency is caused by stress. Vika is younger than him and very beautiful. Gun-Ho begins to wonder if Vika is only marrying him to attain Korean citizenship.

Dae-Bok (Lee Hee-Joon) works for Joo-Young at her urology clinic. He is dating wedding planner Yi-Ra (Ko Joon-Hee). One day, during a baseball game, Yi-Ra tells him that she is pregnant. Dae-Bok immediately proposes. While they prepare for their wedding, they begin to argue a lot. Yi-Ra doesn’;t seem happy and Dae-Bok wants to know why.

Synopsis taken from Asianwiki

My Thoughts

The movie turned out as an “Okay” watch despite taking half the movie before I became invested in 3 of the couples because Kim Kang Woo had me immediately on sight:)   I really enjoyed the storylines of Tae-Kyu & Joo-Young and Gun-Ho and Vika. The other two were meh :/

I always find a male character funny when he finds information that he just can’t handle about his girlfriend or wife’s past and it becomes all out war and/or “woo is me” time. This totally describes Tae-Kyu and his fanatical reaction to finding out from the marriage certificate that Joo-Young is a divorcee.  I knew it was on when he screamed ” BAE JOO YOUNG, You slut” and ran out the building like some type of crazed animal.  I liked seeing Kim Kang Woo play this type of character.  Some may say the character was over the top but I saw it as a joke on how men react when finding out that there was another important man in their woman’s life before them and how insecure they become.  The scene to watch for his when Tae-Kyu visits the ex husband LOL

Gun-Ho and Vika are an intercultural couple and their engagement blow is a bit serious.  Gun Ho suffers from insecurities of being an older man with a much younger fiancé. Not only is he not able to perform in the bedroom, he suspects that Vika of cheating and using their marriage as a way to get a visa.  I really felt for Gun Ho.  He really loves Vika and doubts that a beautiful young woman could love him especially if he can’t satisfy her.   During this hour plus, all Gun Ho was trying to was get some professional help for his problem but he never thought he would encounter the likes of Tae-Kyu.  Oh yes, Tae-Kyu’s problem became other people’s problem too 😛

The other two couples, I had problems with the women.  So-Mi & Won Cheol have been together for seven years.  No relationship is perfect and relationships do lose a bit of luster after being together for a few years.  People do get comfortable and forget that they must continue putting effort into their relationships  so that their significant others won’t look elsewhere and know that it takes a lot of “understandable” communication.  What I mean by understandable is that I don’t won’t to have to decipher codes and riddles to get the gist of how you are feeling about certain situations.

So-Mi seems to be in the mode where she needs something extra in her relationship with Won Cheol and nothing is wrong with that but I didn’t get the sense that she communicated her feelings to him. Anyway, she goes off for a mini vacation and meets and falls in love with a web comic author {Joo Ji Hoon} and cheats on her fiancé but waits until the wedding day to break up with him.  I will never condone cheating but there are instances that I can understand why it happened. THIS is not one of them.  If you fall out of love with your person , just end it.  It will be hard and it will hurt but cheating destroys emotionally.  The best part of this relationship for me was googling Joo Ji Hoon, the actor not the character he portrayed 😀

The last couple, Yi-Ra and Dae-Bok.  Apparently they were only dating for a month and Yi-Ra became pregnant so they decided to get married. It’s a cliché type plot.  They don’t know each other so doubts set in so they decide to end it and then blah blah blah, they get back together but in this instance it’s all Yi-Ra’s doing.  She isn’t the good girl who her father thinks she is and she is putting all the guilt and shame on Dae-Bok. She is the woman who got on my nerves the most.. I just about fast forwarded her scenes but in the end, I understood a bit more so that lessened my dislike of her.

I really enjoyed the fact that all the characters intersected each other at some point or another. Some were just a brief encounter and others made for some hilarious moment.  That DAMN Tae-Kyu…LOL!!!!

I definitely would recommend it for a Saturday matinée if there isn’t anything on your “plan to watch” list.  This isn’t a movie to take serious, just enjoy it for what it is… entertainment. 7/10


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