{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 5 & 6~

May Contain Spoilers

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Temptation Episode 3

{Takes Deep Breath} I have been a bit slow when it comes to watching Temptation and it has nothing to do with my losing interest, but every thing to do with the character, Na Hong Joo.  I have to mentally prepare myself to watch an episode because I KNOW I will be full of angst and curse words for an hour.

I continue being two-faced toward Hong Joo. On one hand, I believe she has every right to feel and behave the way she does BUT on the other, she needs to get some backbone and fight for her marriage and keep her man from falling into the arms of another woman.

Temptation Episode 3

Thus said about “fight” I  am standing up and applauding Kang Min Woo’s wife, Han Ji Sun.  After seeing episodes 3 & 4, I’m convinced that Mi Woo and Ji Sun’s marriage is a business deal and Mrs. Ji Sun brokers very well.  In basic terms she states” I will take in your love child and try not becoming the evil stepmother on the terms you sign this document stating how much I am to receive as well as your 3 daughters so we can maintain our comfortable lives”.  BOOYAH!!!! She clearly is a damage and unhappy woman but she is NO stupid one and also a sly one.  I fell out when she told Min Woo they should hire the babysitter so he can’t flirt with her.LOL!!  Also I hate seeing cute little Roy used as a brokerage deal but I think Min Woo has a bigger problem brewing. THOSE daughters aren’t happy one bit and Miss looking like the mini version of Moon Geun Young has let it be known.

Temptation Episode 4

Let me step aside from unhappy women for the moment and “squee” at the budding romance between Hong Gyu{Lee Jung-Shin} & Se Jin{Kim So-Young} . I use budding loosely because Hong Gyu could careless about Shi Jin @ this very moment and he doesn’t bite his tongue letting her know. If he rolls his eyes one more time, I ‘ll be forced to kiss my laptop screen 🙂

Temptation Episode 3

Episodes 5 & 6, we find our central couple,  Seok Hoon & Hong Joo, drifting further apart and deciding to separate so Seok Hoon can “think” about if he wants his marriage or Se Young. Clearly you know THIS is not Seok Hoon’s decision but a declaration made by Hong Joo.  Alright Girl, keep on pushing and you’ll get what you really didn’t want but deserve.

Temptation Episode 4

I don’t know why I’m getting a slight feeling that Seok Hoon might be planning some sort of revenge tactic on Yoo Se Young.  Something about what he told Hong Joo about him needing to think about his marriage, not being a good guy anymore and asking her to wait for him. I do believe he has a growing attraction to Se Young and may indeed start a relationship with her but I feel there maybe a hidden agenda.

Temptation Episode 4

Which brings me to my weekly Hong Joo rant. There is a scene where the wife and the prospect meet and have a sit down conversation. I was so ready for a cat fight and to FINALLY see Hong Joo claws.  All I was left with was a kitten purr and a female lioness roar.  Se Young shut it down quick and let it be known that I want your man and now I don’t have to hide that fact. If your marriage and your man is strong then you will sustain what I throw in. { run little Hong Joo, run fast with your stained skirt}

There is a saying that I use often ” Don’t come for me when I didn’t send for you”  and that is exactly what Se Young told Hong Joo.  She wasn’t a bit ready for the type of defense Se Young would have. She was mouthing off things that seemed like she was trying to convince herself of Seok Hoon’s loyalty and love and didn’t realize she gave Se Young ammunition to attempt to destroy their marriage. If Hong Joo really believed her husband was trying to prove that she can trust and believe in him while he was working closely with Se Young, then she wouldn’t be pushing him away.  Oh My God,She is driving me crazy.

It seems Temptation is starting to pick up steam and I am looking forward to see our characters fall into and out of Temptation. Well maybe not Hong Joo.. lol


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