{Thoughts} Hi! School: Love On ~Episode 3~

May Contain Spoilers

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Hi! School Love On Episode 3

Seems like we are all wet

The beginning of episode 3 finds our love triangle in another intense situation with Sung Yeol being the hero that saves Woo Hyun and Seul Bi from drowning.  I wonder if this is going to be their relationship throughout the drama. I get a kick out of them when they are all together 🙂

It seems Episode 3 starts to give us answers to certain questionable situations that has floated about since episode 1 such has: Who is Woo Hyun’s mother, Will Sung Yeol develop a liking for Seul Bi, Does the male reaper like Seul Bi, and Will Woo Hyun figure out if he likes Seul Bi? The latter question isn’t really answered but it sure looks like he might come to that conclusion soon.

Hi! School Love On Episode 3

Taking a bite out of bullying

Seul Bi gets to experience school for the first time and she politely introduced herself by biting the classmate that was bullying Woo Hyun.. Hahaha.. They better ask somebody. NOBODY better mess with Woo Hyun when Seul Bi is around and YES!! she did get a taste of the mean girls who retaliated on her for being too close for comfort with the high school flower boys, Woo Hyun & Sung Yeol, but Woo Hyun was quick to the rescue.  This proves Seul Bi truly isn’t human and is a divine creature because she doesn’t understand nor questions why the girls treated her that way. If it would have been me, I would have been on assault charges…lol

Hi! School Love On Episode 3

It will happen… I am predicting:)

I threw this picture in because I think she is the absolute cutest even with tissue in her nose.. LOL

Hi! School Love On Episode 3

Best way to stop a nose bleed

We get to experience Seul Bi’s first date even if she doesn’t realize that she is having one.  Sung Yeol made his move by using the excuse of giving her the item she was looking for.  Just for a moment. A quick moment, I started shipping Seul Bi and Sung Yeol together but it lasted for the moment they were in the arcade:)

Hi! School Love On

Arcade Time

This episode gives our characters more hilarious & serious interactions with others outside of their little circle but it seems that we’re going in a new questionable territory in episode 4.

Hi! School Love On Episode 3

#Kdrama girl problems : Liked by all main guys in a drama


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