{Thoughts} Hi! School: Love On Episode 1&2

Hi! School Love On

The Angel

Hi! School: Love On is a KBS drama airing weekly on Fridays about an angel who saves the lives of two teenage boys but after saving a specific boy, she suddenly becomes human. This drama stars Nam Woo Hyun & Lee Sung Yeol  from the KPOP band, INFINITE and stars Kim Sae Ron, from the 2013 drama, The Queen’s Classroom.

My Thoughts

I decided to watch this on a whim and now I can’t believe that I am actually enjoying a teen drama.  Beware, it’s addicting 🙂

I am so impressed with Kim Sae Ron.  She is so cute. I just want to grab her cheeks every time I see her.  Being that she is only 13 or 14 years of age, she is still holding her on and carrying the show. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her as long as she keeps improving her acting skills.

Hi! School : Love On

Her chemistry with the Nam Woo Hyun & Lee Sung Yeol is quirky, fun and childish.  There are a lot of comments floating around that some viewers feel uncomfortable that a 13 yr old is going to be in a romance with a young man that is in their early 20’s.  My opinion about that stands at if they continue writing and directing in the fashion that is being set and not bringing adult situations into the equation then all is good and enjoyable.

Hi! School: Love On

I think Woo Hyun & Sung Yeol are doing well but it’s clear that Sae Ron is making them reach to her level.  She is truly the star of this drama.

Episode 1 and 2 are the set up episodes. We learn about each character and their possible connections to each other.   Our 3 mains are strategically thrown together in intense situations without any thought to “WHY?”

Hi! School: Love On

There are loads of funny moments in both episodes. My favorite will be the umbrella scene toward the end of episode 1. Again the angel is absolutely ADORBS

Hi! School: Love On

There are also moments that make you sit up and pay attention because there are clues that are quickly thrown in to start paving a brick road to connections especially the beginning sequence. It shows our lead in college and searching for that special person. So we know early on that our angel is no longer present in his life and the next episodes are going to lead us back to the beginning

Hi! School: Love On


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