Friday’s Eoljjang

I have fangirled over this guy for a few weeks now especially since I found out he will be starring in a new Kdrama that starts this month and swooning over the magazine pictorials.  Oh Me, Oh My, he has to be one  of the most prettiest men that walks this earth.  Many men are handsome but ONLY some can pull off  pretty

My pick for this Friday’s Eoljjang is : Jung Yong Hwa { lead vocalist of the Korean rock band, CNBLUE}

Jung Yong Hwa

I first experienced Yong Hwa in { I said I would NEVER mention this horrendous tragedy of a drama again but for the sake of this post} Marry Him If You Dare but I didn’t get to enjoy him as much as I wanted to because I couldn’t get past episode 7 or 8.  So I am so excited to see him in a new drama especially one that is being adapted from one of my favorite books, The Three Musketeers.

Jung Yong Hwa in The Three Musketeers

Jung Yong Hwa as Park Dal Hyang in The Three Musketeers

Yong Hwa with long hair is going to push me off the edge of sanity that I am already teetering and one swoosh of his blowing ponytail will probably do the trick {Check teaser below to understand:) }

Every since the moment I seen him, I have been into stalking his pictures because he is great for my eyesight so notice my delight when I spotted his pictorial for Vogue Korea & Esquire.  This MAN is breathtaking.

Jung Yong Hwa for EsquireJung Yong HwaYES!!! HONTEE!! I could stare at this oppa FOREVER >:)

Jung Yong Hwa


2 responses to “Friday’s Eoljjang

  1. Been doing the same ever since the teaser of The Three Musketeers came out. How perfectly is his hair swaying while doing all that swashbuckling sword work *drools* .. Every single day since I first saw the teaser I’ve been watching Yong Hwa videos (I admit without any shame ) .. Ended up rewatching Heartstrings for the nth time. If you need an additional dose of JYH, heartstrings is the recommended solution .. Up until the hero comes back on screen with a bang!

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    • I am so glad I am not the only one that is feeling the effects of JYH. He makes me even more excited for the drama to air and I am anxiously counting down the days 🙂
      I didn’t know he was in Heartstrings. I have been having that on my list to watch for a while now only because it is a suggested “must see”. If I had known he was in was in it, I would have already watched. Thanks for the awesome info
      Thanks so much for commenting:D


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