{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 4~

May Contain Spoilers
 Eru: Temptation 유혹 {Temptation OST} [download @K2Nblog]
Temptation Episode 4

A Foreshadowing

Episode 4 of Temptation takes off where episode 3 leaves off when dealing with the “6 degrees of separation”  among our elaborate cast of characters.  We continue to see our married couple struggle to keep things together despite a few misunderstood situations and we continue to see the outside influences being steadfast on being intrusions into Seok  Hoon & Hong Joo’s lives.

Temptation Episode 4

Connections can be destroying

The past 3 episodes I have been a bit harsh in my criticism of Na Hong Joo and I don’t apologize for it because she still doesn’t get off easy from me in episode 4 but I am a bit miffed at Seok Hoon.  I am not faulting you entirely for the decision you made about the “special offer” but I am faulting you for lying to your wife or telling half-truths.  Hong Joo is already insecure and you starting to tee toddled over the fence when it comes to Yoo Se Young.  Have you developed feelings for Se Young or have you decided on being her knight in shining armor because you think she needs saving?

Temptation Episode 4

CNBLUE is representing 🙂

Before delving any further, I gotta shout out Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE.  He plays Na Hong Joo’s baby brother, Na Hong Gyu.  He is doing well with this acting and I am so proud of him.  He is just cutest thing and I am rooting for a romance with Yoo Se Young’s sister, Yoo Se Jin , played by Kim So Young,

Temptation Episode 4

Happy Times

I am going to say this now, I am “privately” shipping Seok Hoon and Se Young just because I am such a huge fan of Choi Ji Woo but for the sake of this drama and my moral compass, I really wish that Seok Hoon & Hong Joo’s marriage to sustain through the rough water ahead and even if they part ways for half of the drama, I wish in the end that they will find they way back to each other.  Normally, I will always root for a married couple unless some type of grey area such as in Secret Love Affair.  I don’t condone cheating but I sure as hell can understand why some people do it. It ain’t right but I can understand but in this case, I hope they don’t go that route regardless of how I feel about Hong Joo, she doesn’t deserve to be hurt and vice versa for Seok Hoon.

Temptation Episode 4

A woman scorned

While everyone is waiting and anticipating the goings on of the love triangle, I am gearing up for scorned wife payback from Kang Min Woo’s wife, Han Ji sun played by Yoon Ah Jung. That is so much more interesting to me at this moment.  YOOOHOOOO, Min Woo-sshi, your secret is out and she is evil grinning behind your back >:P

Temptation Episode 4

Don’t hide your secrets!

Oh this is gonna be sooooo good. Please writernim’s don’t disappoint me.

Temptation Episode 4

Finally, we meet!

At the end of episode, the triangle had finally come face to face, I don’t expect for things to end well for our married couple especially with the big announcement Hong Joo wanted to share with Seok Hoon.  Hoping from now on the story can quicken its pace and involve more intense interactions between our tempting characters.








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