{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 3~

May Contain Spoilers
Temptation  Episode 3


Episode 3 of Temptation deals with the fall out of the “special offer” that stands in the middle of our married couple and all those surrounding coincidences that seems to connect all our central characters and/or their significant others  or their businesses.

Temptation Episode 3

Job offer or hidden agenda????

We get to see a detailed glimpse in the lives of Yoo Se- Young & Park Min Woo.  We see Se Young interacting with her family members mainly her father and her younger sister. I actually begun to see a few different sides of Se Young that makes me take a soft approach toward my attitude. It takes me from HOME WRECKER to damaged home wrecker.  I actually love the interaction she has with her little sister.  You can tell she is a strict but loving sister that adores the younger troublemaker.

Temptation Episode 3

Hidden Agendas with untold secrets

Park Min Woo, however, screams Momma’s boy and straight up philanderer dog who sets my screen afire every time he appears.. LOL.. The moment I see him I have to quickly remind myself “He AIN’T NO Good” because if I don’t I will be blaming his wife for not treating him right { Who says looks ain’t everything..lol}

Temptation Episode 3

Avoiding the elephant in the room?

I am still holding issue with Na Hong Joo. I honestly thought she was going to either jump down his throat for making a rash judgement and sending her home the way he did or handle it with a bit more dignity and find out exactly what happened and why he chose to go through with it. NONE of that happened. She chose to keep her feelings to her self until Seok Hoon forced her to speak on it but even then she avoided the problem and distanced herself by accepting a job from none other than Park Min Woo

Temptation Episode 3

Doesn’t seem any different from his “offer”

So far I think that Misunderstandings and no communication are the things that will damage or destroy Seon Hoon and Hong Joo’s marriage.  Broken trust and loyalty will soon follow.  It’s not one’s person’ fault but if both parties aren’t willing to communicate about their problems then surely nothing gets fix.  I always say it’s takes both to mess up but it’s takes one to destroy { yeah, I am eying you Hong Joo :/ }



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