Friday’s EolJjang

Thought I was doing good. I had picked my choice earlier in the week and had written a post and it scheduled for posting and then I just HAD to watch It’s Okay, It’s Love this past Wednesday and quickly my choice changed.

This week’s best face goes to : Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung

This is my all time favorite shot of any actor EVER!!!

Most of you will probably call me crazy because I hadn’t watched That Winter, The Winds blows, What Happened in Bali  or any other drama he has starred in. BLASPHEMOUS, you say!!!  Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen him in anything BUT as I did take notice of him in The Classic and A Frozen Flower,but he was overshadowed by the actors I adore.

Jo In Sung

Another smile to add to my growing collection

After seeing him in  It’s Okay, It’s Love, that premiered this Wednesday and stars Gong Hyo-Jin, Lee Kwang-Soo & Do Kyung-Soo, I am slapping myself from not taking notice sooner. I COULD NOT keep my eyes from him when he appeared on-screen. He is absolutely flawlessly gorgeous and OMG!!!! his smile.  My baby daddy, Kim Hyun Joong, FINALLY has some competition in the smile department (my opinion, of course)

Jo In Sung

All men can put on a suit but very few can WEAR a suit and he is one that wears them well.

Seems like I have a few dramas to marathon:)  Make sure to check out It’s Okay, It’s Love  on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.  He definitely will make those two days worth waiting for.


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