{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 2~

May Contain Spoilers
 Lena Park : (You & I)  그대 그리고 나 {Temptation OST} [download @K2Nblog]
Temptation episode 2:  Kwon Sang-Woo
Signs of an almost broken man

On this episode, my main thought for the entire hour was ” Na Hong-Joo, you crazier than a bessie bug.  Aint’ no where in the bowels of hell, would I just LET another woman have my man, regardless if we decided to accept her “offer” or not.  I would have been her worst nightmare, WHERE EVER they went and WHATEVER they done, my physical presence would be somewhere in the vicinity.  If any skinship was to go on, she would have to skype-video me in to see how it goes down.  Best believe, when those 4 days were over,  she would NEVER get that close again because then demon bitch would be unleashed and waiting for the chance to tear some A$$

My Thoughts

Temptation episode 2 Choi Ji-woo & Kwon Sang-Woo

Time for the ground rules

This is the episode where decisions were made and fall outs begin.  First, I have a big problem with Na Hong-Joo.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand to the fullest how she feels and why she is a bit perturb that her husband can even think of considering that “offer”.  My problem stems from her actions the night before and the words she spoke to her husband about not wanting to hate him if her father loses his home. I honestly feel that Seok-Hoon would not have given it another thought if it wasn’t for those two things.

Temptation episde 2 Park Ha Sun & Lee Jung Jin

Hmmm, Seok-Hoon-sshi is with her so I might get a taste of this

I really wish she would have handled this more like a mature adult and discussed this situation with her husband instead of throwing a tantrum and playing the dare game.   This is the moment that sets everything that is going to happen in the future in motion.  It seems temptation is not only  lurking around Cha Seon Hoon but it looks like it is gunning for Na Hong-Joo as well in the form of Kang Min-Woo

Temptation episode 2 Choi Ji-Woo & Kwon Sang-Woo

Ahjumma, You know I don’t like you!!

There is a flashback on how Yoo Se-Young & Cha Seok-Hoon met but I am wondering if there is more to their relationship than meets the eye because the hostility and resentment Seok-Hoon has for Se-Young goes beyond the reason she didn’t hire you.

Temptation episode 2 Park Ha Sun & Lee Jung Jin

Lady, Lady!! I am looking for a mommy

I am wondering if there is a hidden desire that Na Hong- Joo wants children.  The reason for the wonder is that Kang Min-Woo’s illegitimate son seems to the catalyst for keeping them in contact with each other. Also, I wonder what is the connection between Kang Min Woo &  Yoo Se Young.  It seems they had business dealing but it seems a bit more personal.

I’m excited about getting drawn into the storyline and see what trouble each of our characters will get into.


*crazy as a bessie or betsy bug,” meaning “agitated, irrational, erratic,” which is apparently a common saying in the southern US states


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