{Thoughts} Temptation ~Ep.1~

May Contain Spoilers

Choi Ji-Woo as Yoo Se-YoungTemptation starts with this woman above.  Ms Choi Ji-Woo plays Yoo Se-Young, a baller, shot caller type of woman. She is powerful, ruthless, cunning & lonely.

Kwon Sang Young as Cha Seok- Hoon & Park Ha-Sun as Na Hong-JoonNext, we have our central couple. Kwon Sang-Woo as Cha Seok-Hoon & Park Ha-Sun as Na Hong-Joo.  They are so in love but their marriage is a bit on shaky ground because of an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance.

Lee Jung Jin as Kang Min-WooLast but not least, we seem to have the philandering husband. Lee Jung Jin as Park Min-Woo. I have to admit, I not sure what part he is playing in this drama but I am guessing his storyline is going to somehow be connected to Yoo Se-Young and he will be “temptation” for Na Hong-Joo.

My Thoughts

Temptation started off with the premise similar to the novel to  American Movie, Indecent Proposal. Of course, certain details are changed but it stayed true to course right up until the “offer”.  I’m very interested to see if it follows Indecent Proposal’s storyline throughout the 20 episode arc.

Episodes 1 & 2 (will do a separate thought post) are a bit slow-paced but quite involved so I would suggest not to turn an eye away from the screen because you are bound to miss an important detail.  Episode 1 deals with the present situation of  the 4 main leads and gives us bit of insight into each one’s character.  At this very moment, I like them all regardless of their immediate flaws but by the next episode, I am all “PSHAW, SERIOUSLY, PSHAW :/

There was one instance that made me look sideways @ myself was the “offer”.  Clearly my mind went deep in the gutter 😀 and was expecting a bit of skinship.. Hell was hoping for it..LOL and did it happen or not {drum rooooolllll}… YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT YOURSELF 😛

These Damn heels made their début by appearing a few times in the first and second episode so I figured they were beating me over the head to take notice that they symbolized something. So as I screen capped AND as I edited the photos, I kept think what they could be possibly trying to tell besides ” Search the web and BUY ME” and it came to me.

The first time they made their appearance, they were strategically placed on display in the shoe store and our beloved Hong-Joo admired them from afar and her husband took notice.  He asked if he could buy them but was told politely that they were on reserve.  {If that’s the case, why in the bejezus would you have them on the display floor} Seok-Hoon wasn’t going down with out a fight and those reserved shoes walked out belonging to Hong- Joo.   Best believe we haven’t heard the last of those heels because the reserved holder showed up to claim them and that person is none other than Yoo Se-Young.  Now scenes later, they did end up with the rightful owner being Yoo-Se Young

The symbol of those shoes is more of a meaning for Yoo- Se Young than it is for Na Hong Joo.  You have something that was originally supposed to be mine and at the right opportunity, I will get it back.  The question I ask is Are you going to let it go easy or are you going to fight for it?

Temptation is for the grown and sexy.  If you are too morally inclinced, too religious minded or too closed-minded, this is definitely NOT a show for you.  If they write and direct this drama correctly, it can be a wonderful conversation piece about emotional & moral character, trust, loyalty and much more.

After watching episode 1, the question you should ask yourself is If I was in the same situation as the married couple, what decision would I have made after that type of “proposal”?



~The novel, Indecent Proposal was written by Jack Engelhard

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