Shinema Saturday: Nobody Knows 2005 {Japan}

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows { Japanese Movie 2004}

Nobody Knows is a Japanese movie released in 2004, based on the true story of the “Affair of the four abandoned children in Sugamo” which took place in Tokoyo in 1988. The movie stars Yuya Yagira {Akira} ,  Ayu Kitaura{Kyoko}, Hihei Kimura{Shigeru} & Momoko Shimizu{Yuki}.

The story chronicles the daily lives of 4 abandoned children as they cope with their mother’s abandonment and dealing with the day-to-day struggle to survive while trying to go unnoticed.

My Thoughts

This is a very introspective type movie. If you don’t have patience for a 2 hour and 35 minute slow-paced movie. I suggest passing go and don’t collect 200$

Nobody Knows is not a climatic type movie and it’s not rushing to tell the story. It is very detailed oriented in showing you the struggle of these children. The director allows us to see very small details such as fingernails, toes, hair etc. He allows us to see the steady progression of how the children were doing pretty well in the first few months of their abandonment to the days where the struggle became real.

The cinematography was exceptional for this movie.  It really set the tone and the mood and made you feel as if you were experiencing the dreary and unfilled days that our beloved characters were going through.  Akira spent most of the day outside of the house being the provider. Making sure they had food in the house, paying bills, and trying to scrape of money. Kyoko, was the homemaker, she  spent the day cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the younger siblings. Yuki and Shigeru are the younger siblings and they do what they did best, play. So regardless if the sun was out, it was never a shining bright type of sun. It was a constant dull and dreary type of day.

Nobody knows is a thought-provoking movie and makes one take a deep look at themselves.  Most of the Adults in this movie turned a blind eye to the perils of these children and that mirrors the attitude of the world today. Are we too busy going about our daily lives to notice that there are children starving? Are we too involved with our social media to notice that children are getting abused and neglected? Are we aware that children are homeless but we don’t won’t to get involved?

This movie is bittersweet so don’t expect a beautiful ending and there is a point in the movie that is extremely heartbreaking.  After watching this movie, I took a hard look at myself and I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. I may not personally know of any type situation that I stated above happening but I do know it happens and I don’t pay enough attention to notice if it is happening around me. That comes at a huge disappointment in myself.

My eyes are now opened!

Awards & Acclaims via Wikipedia

Yūya Yagira won the award for Best Actor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. He was the first Japanese actor to win this category at the Cannes Film Festival. The film had also won the “Best One” award for Japanese film at the 78th Kinema Junpo Ten Best awards. At the same award ceremony, You won the best supporting actress and Yūya Yagira won the best new actor award. At the 47th Hochi Film Award, Nobody Knows won the best film award. Director Hirokazu Koreeda also won the “Best Director” award


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