Friday’s EolJjang

WOW!! Almost forgot about posting this week’s best face. Today, I decided to catch up on some drama watching after work and was a bit too involved. Now that I am transitioning from the T.V Room to the bedroom, I will take some time to let you know who I chose 🙂

This week was a bit tough for me to pick. This week, I had started back to my regular Kdrama watching routine and a few hotties had my eye  but my choice for….

This week’s eoljjang pick is: Lee Jung Jin

Lee Jung Jin

Captivating smile… check 🙂

Lee Jung Jin is starring in Temptation, the new Monday and Tuesday drama airing on SBS , along with Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo & Park Ha Sun.  After seeing the premiere episodes, this drama is ONLY for the GROWN & SEXY.

Lee Jung Jin

Sucker for the bedroom eyes look 😛

This is my first time experiencing Lee Jung Jin but his acting was effortlessly and he won my choice because of that gorgeous smile and if you have followed my past eoljjang picks, you know I am a sucker for a pretty smile.

Lee Jung Jin

Nothing like a suited up and poised man 😀

Lee Jung Jin

Suited up AGAIN 😛


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