Shinema (cinema) Saturday: Dream {2008}

Korean film, Dream 2008

Directed, Produced & Written by Kim Ki Duk. Additional Producer: David Cho

This movie had sat in my Netflix queue for a while so what better way to take advantage of a rainy, thundering Saturday evening but to chop down my growing queue list which brings me to:

Dream, a 2008 released film that is best described as an art house, mystery film filled with a big symbolic butterfly.  It starts off with our leading man, Jin {Joe Odagir} waking up from a very disturbing dream about a traffic accident that seems a little too real so he decides to go and check out the scene where his dream had taken place.  As he approaches the scene, he sees the police surveying the area and the E.M Techs placing the accident victim into the ambulance.  He gets out of his vehicle to find out some info from the police and happens upon hearing that they have the suspect information of the hit and run driver. He basically stalks the police to the scene and watches as they arrest a young woman, Ran { Lee Na Young}.  He ends up at the police station taking responsibility for the accident and trying to explain to them that since he dreamed the exact situation that he was the cause and the woman just acted out his dream. CRAZY, right?????? …LOL!!!

The real synopsis of Dream is about a man named Jin{Joe Odagiri} that discovers that he’s  linked to a young woman named Ran{Lee Na Young} through his dreams, which she acts out while in a trance-like state. Their lives become even more complicated when Jin’s dreams of an old lover that leads Ran to reconnect with her own ex lover that she despises and hates.

My Thoughts

The first statement I need to say is, I do think this movie was good but not for the execution of the awesome story concept but more so because of all the actors involved.  Jo Odagiri and Lee Na Young was exceptional in their delivery, their chemistry, and conveying the emotions of their characters. There is some truth to the saying that great acting can pull off a mediocre script. The proof lies with the entire cast.

As for as  the story concept, the best word I can use to describe it is WEAK.  There was a few hits but it definitely missed. The characters were under developed and had no depth.  The story left more questions than it had answers.  The symbolic scenes turned out being more of a confused maze that left the viewer {as in me} in a state of “What the F**k?”  The pace of the film was slow, which is not a bad thing,but considering the pace was a bit choppy and didn’t flow well between some scenes makes for a bit of a boring movie.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie had its strong points such as the beautiful cinematography.  There were some absolutely beautiful camera shots and depending on the angle of the camera during certain scenes, you were left with some awe inspired moments.  OMG!! the lighting in this movie was on point.  When it was time to experience he dark tones of the story, the lighting was surreal and eerie and when it times for the enlightening tone, the lighting was glowing and bright.. Just beautiful. Another huge hit for Dream, is the musical score.  If I could find {which I am still looking} the OST, it would be on constant replay.   Last but not least, was the symbolic ending.  No symbolism missed there and was perfect. They should have used that moment as a go to on how to convey symbolic scenes.

Despite the positive things this movie offered ,they couldn’t make up for the lost in translation feel you get with this movie.  This definitely is not what we expected from Kim Ki Duk.  It could have been so much better 😦

Before I close out, WHY was Jin {Jo Odagiri} the ONLY character who spoke in Japanese? Why did every Korean speaking character understand what he was saying but replied back in Korean? Why did Jin understand them?  That question had bugged me since I began the movie. Was it suppose to be symbolic or was that a flagrant foul in editing.

Rate: 3/10


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