Friday’s EolJjang

OH YEAH, Baby!!! It’s Friday and I am definitely feeling the “Thank God, It’s Friday!” saying.  After a week of dealing with a pulled hamstring and swollen knee and as I type this post, I am still dealing with the pain 😦  BUT  my choice for this week’s best face always keeps me with a goofy grin. WHEN I see his smile, I ALWAYS smile.

This week’s EolJjang is the Taiwanese Actor, Liu Yi Hao also known as Jasper Liu.

Jasper Liu

Beware!!!! Known to cause Goofy Grin syndrome

Jasper is starring in the on air T~drama, Pleasantly Surprised{ Love Myself or You}.  I am new to the acting style of Jasper Liu but after the first episode of PS, consider me an instant fan.

Jasper Liu

Never Knew Cute could be SOOOOO Sexy

When you are feeling down, I recommend a Jasper Liu dimpled smile to cure what ails you or maybe a slice of chocolate abs 🙂

Jasper Liu

A smile and some Chocolate will cure ANYTHING!




2 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang

    • I automatically thought of Kim Soo Hyun when I first saw him as well. Jasper has that “boy next door” look but none of the boys next to my door EVER looked like this 😀
      Thanks for commenting BeeBGee:)


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