Friday’s EolJjang

I decided to change the title from EolJjang of the Week to Friday’s EolJjang.

I think it sounds a bit better. How about you? Any-Whoo,  Now for my pick.

This Week’s pick goes to…{drum rooooooooooll} Choi Jin Hyuk!!!

Choi Jin Hyuk

Love, Love, Love this smile 🙂

I first became aware of Jin Hyuk shi in the K~drama, Heirs.  Sorry, folks  I didn’t get past episode 7 or 8 so I didn’t get the pleasure of experiencing him until the end so you can imagine my excitement that he was not only starring in the K~drama, Emergency Couple but was the male lead. {body rolls on each side to show excitement}

Choi Jin Hyuk

Athletic Wear and Gear has NEVER looked so good 😛

It seems this is the year to get enough visions of Choi Jin Hyuk. He is currently appearing in Fated to Love You as the second lead character, Daniel, guest appearing in Grandpa over Flowers Investigation Team as the younger Lee Joon Hyuk and starring in the movie, The Divine Move as Sun Soo,  Jin Hyuk’s first time playing a not so nice character. { Definitely need to see his bad side, I bet it’s GONNA be… wait foooooor it…. SEXILICIOUS}

Choi Jin Hyuk

Impossible to look bad in anything 😀




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