Character Assassination: Oh Soo Hyun {Doctor Stranger}

Doctor Stranger

Like a Boss

One of the dramas I am currently watching is Doctor Stranger.  The most I can say about it is that it does hold true to the title.  It’s about Doctors and just about all the characters seem strange.  It’s down to the last 3 episodes and the issue of  character development is far gone and nonexistent because what you may have connected to in the first half is not clear in the last half.  This is only an opinion that I share with a few other viewers so I SHOULD recommend that you watch Doctor Stranger but SORRY, this goes on my DO NOT RECOMMEND list.

Doctor Stranger

Kicking A$$ & Taking names later

Now for my main complaint, the character, Oh Soo Hyun played by Kang So Ra. She went from being a no-nonsense , ain’t taking no crap, & I WILL take my respect if you don’t give it type of girl.  Somewhere between the 7th & 10th episode, you can clearly see the boy crush she is developing for the male lead and that’s okay.  Nothing wrong with crushing on a sexy, hot guy but by the time the 13th episode arrives, she turned into a whiny, overemotional & can’t function because my crush isn’t returning my feelings type of girl.  Nooooow, I am not downplaying being heartbroken and not downplaying the fact that we all handle heartbreak differently. My problem is how K~Drama’s usually portray female characters. The spectrum is anywhere from the stalker {ie: Oh Hai Ni from Playful Kiss},  to the bitchy and mad because he wants you instead of me {ie: typical second lead female}. I also have a problem about  the female characters worthiness being dependent upon their male counterparts perception.

Doctor Stranger

This is Soo Hyun since episode 13. NO resemblance of the woman in the above 2 photos

I know there is an over abundance of Park Hoon & Soo Hyun shippers and that is not what this article is about.  Frankly as of episode 11 or 12, I could careless who Park Hoon decides to couple up with because the storyline has went off kilter, makes no sense, and I am just ready for it to end. It’s become nothing but more surgeries and forced relationships  to  appease the general masses.  What I don’t understand is why aren’t the fans of Kang So Ra upset about the fact that her talents are going to waste  on a character that has turned out as nothing more than a “relationship” filler. Her storyline diminished before we could really get to know her.    Soo Hyun has turned out as a female whose self-worth is determined by the men in her life.  First, it was her father. She was the apple of his eye until she went against his “final” decision on her mother. Second, it was Jae Joon.  He used his jealousy against Park Hoon to berate and belittle her talents as a doctor. Third, it was her Half Brother. He uses every chance he gets to put her in her place. Fourth, it is Park Hoon.  She is so crazy{ postal, I should use} Her personal and professional world revolves around him. I was totally done with her when she put a patient’s life in jeopardy all for the sake of trying to save his job.  There is no amount of responses or excuses that can make me understand that choice she made. I probably would have falter a bit if she did it on an impulse but she sat down and actually thought about the situation.

Secret Love Affair

Oh Hye Won played by Kim Hee Ae in Secret Love Affair

There are many opinions and thoughts to why Soo Hyun behaves in this way but I don’t accept those because it makes no sense to take a strong female character and cut her to nothing more than a character for a man’s purposes and passes that off as love. A prime example of an ideal strong woman is ….. not Jae Hee/Seung Hee{ if that’s what you’re thing, though she is a strong example}…. Nurse Min is my choice.  She  not only calls her “baby daddy out” for the wrong he is doing in the name of family. She refuses to stand by him if he continues.  She clearly loves Dr. Yang and wants him to be a good and upstanding man but her beliefs and her self-worth is more important than the love of that man.  That’s what I mean by a strong female. The strength of a woman is determined by the way she handles herself and her daily life especially when life throws in dangerous curves and it looks like she getting close to going over the edge but she takes the wheel and struggles to get it straight to steer herself back on the road for a smooth ride until that curve shows up again.   A great example of this type of woman is Oh Hye Won played by Kim Hee Ae from Secret Love Affair.  This character was not perfect and made some questionable mistakes but when her road became dangerous,we seen her struggle to get control and we seen her at weakness in private but to the outside world, She was a BOSS. She was in control and she handled her business. That is the type of female characters I would love to see becoming more clear in Korean dramas. Hell , ALL Asian dramas .


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