Life Lessons from {Lovestore at the Corner}

There are times in a Drama that something that was said or re-quoted by a character that sticks with you because it pertains to an exact moment in your past or present life situations.

Lovestore at the Corner

I will find any reason to post a pic of Lee Wei 🙂

So there are some things that you may think you’ve thought out carefully. You think that if you follow the traditional routine, your wish will come true, or you’ll find an answer. But usually…it’s not that easy. So we shouldn’t always think about how we are supposed to do this and that. But instead, we should think about the surprise that the “uncertainty” may bring us, don’t you think so? – by Mo-Cheng to Ke Xin in Ep6

Lovestore at the Corner

Then, we’ll surprisingly find that in the ocean filled with surging dark tides,
there lives a life brighter than the sun,
clearer than the snow,
braver than the wind and thunder.
Polaris is the witness,
no matter from which direction you observe,
it’ll be majestic, filled with joy and strong.
It swiftly surrounds the seagulls with flapping wings,
flying across the drifting icebergs.
– Seven Layers of Ocean



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