EolJjang (Best face/Handsome) of the Week

What better way to start the FIRST official post of Delusions of a K~Drama Wannabe by showing a gorgeous Korean man.   Every Friday, I will feature my choice of Hottie for the week.  I don’t have a certain criteria of how to choose besides on the premise of who made me absolutely swoon for that week.

My choice for this week: Lee Soo Hyuk, who happens to be one of my two FOREVER bias.

Lee Soo Hyuk 1st Look Pictorial 2014

Lee Soo Hyuk 1st Look Pictorial 2013

Yes!! He is my bias but so deserving of this week’s pick because of starring in the recently airing K~drama, King of High School Savvy.  Many of his fans have waited impatiently for Mr. Lee Soo Hyuk to appear on-screen again and what a delight to see him as he walked on-screen looking ever so flawlessly gorgeous.  Mondays and Tuesdays never looked as good as it does now. (my opinion of course)

King of High School Savvy~ Lee Soo Hyuk


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